Blaser F3 Pro

The F3 Professional is an innovative German built shotgun. It has a low action profile and fast lock time thanks to its unique inline hammer system. They follow a modular design where there are many barrel and stock options available. The balancing system within the F3 Pro allows the shooter to fine tune the balance of their gun.

Blaser F3 Vantage

The F3 Vantage not only scores with the mechanical perfection found in all Blaser shotgun receivers , it also delivers ideal target awareness due to the unique rib designed to ensure your sight picture is consistent. The 32” (81cm) or 30” (76cm) barrels offer the perfect blend of elevation for comfort and unsurpassed peripheral vision.

Blaser F3 Supersport

Taking all of the advantages that the F3 has to offer, the Blaser F3 Supersport has an adjustable rib and comb so that it is infinitely variable. The regulation of the two barrels to one another is set via the front hanger and both barrels are free-floating: Thus individual heating does not influence the shotgun’s pattern. Thanks to standard barrel and stock balancers the F3 SuperSport’s weight distribution also allows for individual adjustment.

Blaser F16

Blaser’s new F16 is delivered in both Game and Sporting configurations. The F16 features a low profile, round body receiver with a newly developed tapered rib, crisp trigger pull and extremely fast lock time. The sporting style has a gun metal grey receiver with a red logo and the game style is gun metal grey with a silver logo.

Blaser Skeet Vests