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690 III

The 690 Field III is the latest in a new generation of Beretta boxlock over and unders. The traditional Beretta, over and under has been combined with the highest technology to create this beautiful, accurate and elegant shotgun. Steelium barrels guarantee absolute precision while minimising weight.


Like the 692 series it is based on the 690 action but with very different looks. The action and barrel are finished in a matt black treatment, contrasted with a polished, mirror finish, hinge pin and trigger. The branding and action decoration are in a distinctive blaze orange that really stands out against the dark tones of the action.

Beretta 692 Shotgun

The Beretta 692 shotgun features a successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding.

692 Black Edition

These 692 Black Editions are characterized by a sophisticated black-look and by new hyper-technical carbon-fiber components for improving weight, balance, ergonomics and ballistics.


The DT11 is available in Sporting, Skeet and Trap specification, each with an optional adjustable stock.


The DT11 Steelium Pro barrels with an internal profile which diminishes felt recoil, improves shot patterning and reduces muzzle rise with no loss of ballistic performance.

Silver Pigeon 1

The Silver Pigeon 1 shotgun is a new, outstanding value, Beretta game and sporter model. By pooling together the European importers to create a unified specification, Beretta have managed to optimise their economies of scale.This has result is an extremely competitively priced Beretta, made to the usual high quality standards.The Silver Pigeon 1 features a new delicate scroll engraving and is only available in 12ga. – 28″ and 30″ M/C.

687 EELL
The Beretta 687 Pigeon over-and-unders demonstrate how improved performance and refined beauty can be perfectly matched. The exceptionally strong, reliable, low-profile receiver is enhanced with rich engravings.