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Apart from our range of pellets, Air Arms products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom using the best available materials and most advanced CNC equipment. Air rifles have been in constant manufacture since the mid 1970's, all have been designed with the cooperation of many well respected shooters, some of which are also accomplished engineers in their own right.


  • S400 - S410

    The S400 and S410 rifles are a range of sporting guns in single (S400) and ten shot (S410) formats. Both models are bolt action rifles available in carbine or classic sizes with 3 stock options beech, walnut and a walnut thumbhole. The Carbine being only 35" (890mm) long makes it the perfect hunting tool for wooded areas or shooting from a vehicle, giving 60 shots in .177 (4.5mm) and 80 shots in .22 (5.5mm) there is plenty of shot capacity for a hunting session. If 80 shots (in .22) is not enough for your application then then classic length model may be the gun for you. Measuring 39" (990mm) it shot capacity is 80 in .177 (4.5mm) and up to 100 in .22 (5.5mm).
  • S410 Take Down Rifle

    The TDR's main quality is that it can be broken down into 3 components very quickly and packed into a small case for transport. This is achieved by turning a wheel at the back of the rifle which remove the rear stock from the fore-end, when the stock is removed the power of the rifle is reduced. This is so the gun complies with current UK gun law.
  • S200

    The S200S is a low cost no-frills introduction to pcp shooting that is small in size but big on performance. This super compact rifle is primarily aimed at younger or more slightly built shooter. However it has proved a very capable weapon and will also suit adults that prefer something a little different. This model has a fixed cylinder re-filled via a quick release filling connector.
  • TX200

    The No. 1 general purpose rifle for field and target use. The new TX200 takes spring powered rifles to a different dimension. The TX200 is a full power rifle and has reduced cocking effort and a built in sound moderator. Available in .177 and .22
  • Pro-Sport

    Regarded by many as the best spring rifle available, the Pro-Sport comes with a specification normally only associated with tuned weapons. Apart from the cocking mechanism this under-lever rifle has the tried and tested but upgraded mechanics of the TX series rifles, including the much praised 'CD' trigger system. The rifle is cocked by means of a recessed cocking lever housed in the underside of the rifle. This Pro-Sport also features an anti bear trap safety device so that as long as then cocking arm is open the gun will not fire. Available in .177 and .22
  • EV2

    This rifle has all the adjustments and gadgets that you could possibly want for top level FT shooting, and yet stops short of being over complicated or overweight. The loading mechanism could not be simpler and the multitude of adjustments means you can tailor this rifle to your individual style.

    Features include

    • Trigger adjustable for weight of pull, 1st and 2nd stage, and follow-through adjuster
    • Stock has adjustable cheek piece, butt plate and forend
    • Integrated spirit level and wind-icator (no jokes please!)
    • Super-smooth cocking lever
    • Quick-fill adaptor
    • New laminated wood stock gives extra strength and quality of finish

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