Ceska zbrojovka (CZ) Rifles


The history of Ceska zbrojovka Uhersky Brod dates back to 1936, when it was established as a branch plant of Ceska zbrojovka located in town of Strakonice, based on a political decision of the National Defence Council. On 2 January 1937 production of a combined range of military and civilian arms commenced. The first products were aircraft machine guns, military pistols and smallbore rifles. During the Nazi occupation period the plant was forced to produce and repair military arms. From 1945 the plant returned to the combined range of military and civilian arms, with an equal share of time going into the production of each. In 1990 production for the last project for the Czechoslovak armed units ceased and the newly available capacity was put to full use in expanding production of arms for hunting and sporting purposes, as well as exports for armed police and military units. To this day Czechoslovak has continued to produce quality weaponry for hunters and military units who want a rifle that wont fail on them when they need it most.


  • CZ American

    The CZ American features a more American appearance. The stock has a straight comb, the barrel is hammer forged, and is made without open sights. The top of the receiver is fitted with a 3/8 wide dovetail groove for mounting a scope. As with all CZ rifles the stock is Turkish walnut. Available in .22 or .17

  • CZ Varmint

    CZ Varmint is a heavy barrel version of the American, featuring a heavy barrel and is made without open sights, but with dovetail groove. Varmint in .22 LR features 11mm dovetail while .17 HMR FEATURES 3/8" DOVETAIL. The stock is Turkish walnut and has a heavier forend to allow for the barrel. Available in .22 or .17

  • CZ Style

    This is the same basic rifle as a CZ American, except the Style features a synthetic stock and matte nickel finish on all metal surfaces. Available in .22

  • CZ Silhouette

    The Silhouette was designed to meet the requirements of the IMSSA for small bore Silhouette competition. This is the same basic rifle as a CZ 452 American, except Silhouette features a synthetic stock and blued finish on all metal surfaces. Available in .22

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