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At Chris Potter Country Sports we have been acclaimed a leading dealer in Beretta shotguns for 25 years. With our experience, product knowledge and sound advice, there is no better gunshop for you to visit when contemplating your next shotgun purchase. That is why we are appointed as a Beretta Premium Dealer.

Competition Guns

  • 692
    In the Beretta 692 you will discover an extraordinary, thoroughbred competition gun, which will take your performance to another level!
    It is the successful mix of tradition and technology, together with the elegant and striking new design, that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding. At its core, the gun has three key new features; Steelium Plus Barrels, a wider receiver and the inclusion of the new B FAST system.
  • DT11
    Born from the legendary DT10 Trident, which is the Beretta sporting over and under that has collected more medals in competitions than any other shotgun, the new DT11 will astonish all with its quality and performance.

Field Guns

  • Silver Pigeon 1
    The Silver Pigeon 1 shotgun is a new, outstanding value, Beretta game model. By pooling together the European importers to create a unified specification, Beretta have managed to optimise their economies of scale.


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Latest News

  • Beretta 690 Field III
    We're pleased to now have in stock the new Beretta 690 Field III! The 690 is Beretta's latest offering in their extensive shotgun range, boasting steelium barrels, beautiful grade wood and re-engineered to keep its weight down! Come in to the shop and have a look!
    We're very please to announce that we now have several of the new Perazzi MXS sporter shotguns in our gunroom! Available in both left and right handed, drop into the shop or give us a call for more details!

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